Meeting Your Heroes

You must have someone you admire or hold sacred in certain ways—all of us do. Lucid dreaming is one of the best training grounds that provides safe meetings and conversations with role models and heroes. During your dreams, not even your heroes can judge you or do anything that is outside of your control. If your sacred dream figure is someone you have met or are planning to meet, then play it safely during your dreams. For example, you may choose not to have sex with that particular dream figure to prevent any emotional responses from developing.

Once during one of my dreams, I met one of my role models, J who is a American male versed in both writing and poetry. I was walking next to him while we chatted and enjoyed the releasing atmosphere of the park. I felt that he was not really there; but, then I could sense his presence somehow. It all felt very real and thrilling, and thus I made the dream longer and longer. In another dream, I was volunteering for a place that was being run by one of my adorable male role models. Another time, I sat next to Che Guvra while feeling hesitant and scared. Before this, I met Carl Jung. During this dream, I heard of a very queer presence and got a distinct feeling that Carl was somehow present in this dream although I am not 100% sure how exactly. In another recent dream, I had the opportunity to walk inside a university with a very popular American Professor. We talked for quite some while and I noted one of his concerns.

Another time, I met a very popular Western actress, Lucy Lawless, whom I had learned to adore because of the fact that she usually played the lead role—I was just an unversed teenager at that time. TV series “Xena” was just released in my country and so I used to get very happy while watching her punch and kick. I have always known her as an actress, but during my dream she managed to show me something really different. Somehow and I do not know how exactly, she showed me some of the nature of women abuse. It’s all very funny because one of the fight scenes from her movies changed into a scene about abuse; and then I heard her commentary that was directed at me. Several years later, I found out that she was actually a Rights Advocate—that’s when I felt even more frightened because then I ended up realizing to what extent these dreams are capable of penetrating the universal reel.

For now, I am purposely hiding the names of the individuals I have met in real life, with whom I am planning to connect in person or who I will be studying in detail online. It is safer to navigate this way because some of these dreams are not just lucid dreams but premonitions or visitations of their actual psyches.

Lesson Learned: Don’t feel scared of this ability because you can see a whole lots of things through dreams including lucid dream sex. Lucid dream sex or any other kind of sex related dream can easily occur even if you just happen to think about someone, watched someone’s speech online, or briefly talked to someone over phone. You may choose not to have sex with a particular dream figure like your “alive role models” to prevent any emotional responses from developing. When you are with your heroes, remember to delay the ending and become able to switch scenes if something uncomfortable happens. For example, I changed my dream setting after sitting next to Che Guvra for a minute or two. Relax yourself by watching one of his/her videos or reading one of the written pieces or quotes. Then dream about gaining more knowledge from his/her dream figure. And, don’t do what you might later regret. If you have met any of your heroes, treat them with respect because these are actually your spirit guides. They are showing you a specific path during dreams and you must take that route one way or another. You can find your heroes whether they are dead or alive. That’s how this illusion feels like the movie “Immortals“.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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