Sex and Energies

Originally Published on Sep 9, 2016.

I was just a teenager when I was introduced to Lucid Dream Sex. This happened on the night of the wedding of one of my older relatives. After the wedding, when everyone had gone to sleep, I woke up during my dream. I needed to hug my married relative and his wife again so I thought about walking towards their room. That’s when I saw them together, and originally I had a very vague idea about what I actually saw. Their mental and physical energies were still melting and vibrating in the atmosphere; thus, my lucid soul showed me the truth about their union. I woke up feeling scared about my new energy levels, which were actually emanating from my relative’s room.

This was my first sex related lucid dream. I was really young and untouched by external influences, which is why I wondered if Lucid Dream Sex is okay for virgins. I did some online readings and found out that virgins get lucid dreams all the time. And, that lucid dream orgasms—I had some great lucid dream orgasms once I matured a bit—are like real orgasms. You know married women seem to have fresher skin and that’s because of blood regulation and psychological relief that takes place due to the orgasm. I think that Lucid Dream Sex causes lucid dreamers to appear younger. If you are a lucid dreamer, then you should know health benefits of real orgasms.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the size of the psychic body is very vast and unimaginable. There are times when the psychic body unconsciously awakens even when the lucid dreamers are not in complete control. Those moments are revelations that every lucid dreamer keeps in his/her diary for later analysis.

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