What Is a Real Man?

A real man is very hard to find nowadays not because of how much money and ethics are being controlled by governments but because the knowledge of female psychology is disappearing from this world. A real man knows certain things by default like “What to say and do to make her stay?”; and, he never verbally or physically imposes himself on the women. I learned the psychology of real men by studying Islam. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to say, “What type of man would hit/abuse his woman and then sleep with her?” This tells you a lot about how he conducted himself around women. One of his wives stated that he was always busy doing house chores. If you don’t believe me, then hear Dr. Craig Considine out. He is narrating how Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said that the mother (woman) is 3 times more important than the father.

As a buddy from the “Buddy Program“, I have learned that lots of young Canadian girls and women don’t know what a real man is supposed to be like simply because these women are repeatedly being overridden by abusive men. And, sometimes the men are like something that has a head but no feet; e.g., when they help out in the house but later watch only porn to learn about women. Even some well-trained Canadian men who are considered experts in “Women’s Rights”, “Human Rights”, “Marriage or Matchmaking”, “Health Care”, “Clinical Research”, and “Spiritualism” are raping and abusing women. To clarify this concept of neglect and care, let us turn towards movies.

Rahim Pardesia’s video clip, “The Nasreen Kidnap“, shows how Nasreen keeps calling her husband after being kidnapped and he doesn’t do anything. When she gets back home, he is still playing cards with his lazy friends. In contrast, the movie “Baahubali” shows how Prince Baahubali is enraged when Queen Devasena tells him that “she isn’t lying as her attacker claimed and that this man really tried to touch her body”. Baahubali had built strong level of trust with his Queen by giving her a chance to learn from him and teach him whatever she knows. That’s how he decided to immediately react and kill the man who attempted this pussy-like act.

You know even if you use common logic without doing much research, you will easily realize the difference between real men and peekaboo-cowards. Remember that you must stay away from abusive men if you wish to be your previous self. And, make sure to wear or keep some Spy Cameras with you when you are dating.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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