Engaging Your Dream Characters

Talking to dream characters is very easy once you have become lucid. I have learned the following by reviewing my dreams.

You can start by reviewing your dream character’s favourite writings, pictures, or movies. Then, you can place your favourite items next to you and sleep.

During your sleep, communicate with your dream characters by referring back to their knowledge base and your inquiries or thoughts. To see a dream that’s situated in the future, do some deep meditation while telling yourself that God will help you see the future. Make sure to refer to “God” because otherwise you will end up placing too much psychic energy on yourself or the person you are trying to communicate.

Indicate to your dream characters the things you want or do not want. Walking away from them shows them that you do not wish to communicate with them.

If your dream character was a psychic or a lucid dreamer who had his own entities, then learn to appreciate those entities and this special thing about him/her. This way, you will notice that you dreams will very easily intersect with the psychic lines and boundaries the subject had experienced.

Connect with the subject’s physical space like where he/she usually goes for work. This will activate the rest of the location for you. For instance, I told myself that I like that this professor teaches in that particular university. Thus, in my dream I saw myself next to him in his university.

Care about your dream character just like you care about the real person. So, if your dream character refuses something from you, then don’t impose yourself on that particular character. You can still negotiate things with your dream characters. For instance, I once verbally pursued my dream character to have sex with me; I kept requesting it until he said okay.

Bring the opposite sex in your dreams often. Doing so is designed to improve your curiosity level and manner of interaction.

Stick around with someone who is already very experienced in lucid dreaming. I still recall having strong lucid dreams after befriending another lucid dreamer.

Remember to feel what your dream characters want you to feel. So, if you are having sex with your dream character, then feel free to fully enjoy yourself. And, if you are sensing that your dream character has become frightened, then look around or ask him/her what’s causing this fear.

You can use this to train and improve your mind and its reactions or you can do all of this to help someone or spy on someone. I mostly do all of this for writing or entertainment.

Yaaay! Your parachute team is on its way.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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