Helping Your Child Think Differently

Helping your child think differently than the rest isn’t easy, which is why I recommend smaller families instead of larger ones. But, once you have triggered the right thought at the right time, then it is actually designed to last for longer than you can imagine. Here is one of my personal  experiences.

My parents gifted me a large shelf that was filled with books when I became a teenager. It is true that I started reading books as a child. I used to read faster and for longer simply because my governess used to hold me while I read—this is how I learned that emotional support is more critical than intelligence given that you need to successfully achieve goals within a team environment.

When I grew older, I got closer to books. I collected books slowly over several years and I even gained expertise about which Thrift Stores and online shops offer books for less. Once, a friend commented that collecting books isn’t a good idea because Canada offers us very large libraries. I reminded him gently that having your own books is psychologically beneficial because i) you don’t have to run to the library every time you need to access some critical information; and ii) you will feel more welcome in your bedroom or lounge simply because your environment is more cherishing in nature. My philosophical brain helps me entertain doubt. So, I utilized this comment to snoop around for more information. Apparently, successful individuals like Noam Chomsky and Bill Gates read a lot. I am glad that I still read and share a lot. People find me to be a reliable source because I actually point to real articles and research while talking.

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