How Many Senses Does a Human Have?

Some say there are a total of 5 senses; others think we have 6 senses; another group asserts that humans experience 21 senses; and lucid dreaming makes us believe that there are more than 21 senses. I believe that the last concept is more accurate because of my experiences as a lucid dreamer. I wrote an entire book by falling asleep and dreaming and while healing from a car accident and a chronic infection. How is this superhero mode even possible? I have wondered about this all after finishing the first draft; and I have felt that my mind is not fully aware about the answer to this question. Then, some shell that was around my mind just fell apart and I started believing that humans have many senses.

Apparently, Eagleman agrees with the last view as well. In the video, “Can We Create New Senses for Humans?“, Eagleman discusses that the humans believe what they sense but their senses are limited by what their brain is absorbing. This explains a lot of things to me such as the ability to have lucid dreams even when I am very boredtelepathy experiences that even occur while I am awake; the cunning ability to see things with the help of my eardrums, such as a small mouse that’s scampering away silently; my entire body’s queer ability to heal faster in such a manner that many Health Care Providers may find very surprising; and, the ability to have my most precious prayers accepted, such as my “I want my driving licence” prayer that allowed me to find the perfect teacher for myself.

You can fine tune your senses (article 1 , article 2). Doing so would prove to be very refreshing. Once you are done, try something new like psychometry and see if it works out.

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