Psychic Replacements

Psychic replacements are done while reading someone or while healing a damaged memory. I learned this trick the hard way. After my car accident, I had to take Trauma Relief Therapy to improve my mood and rehabilitation. My Councillor taught me to focus on a person or a thought I have loved to adore, and just think about them for a bit. I tried this therapy while handling my pain and my mind experienced an indescribable ecstasy as I imagined rowing the boat with my best mates. Despite my trauma, I easily felt a mystical and euphoric energy releasing itself from my trapped mind.

Some years later, I learned a psychic technique that psychics like Anna Sayce use and teach. This technique involves using the thought of someone else to figure out who a given figure reminds you of. The rest of the method involves allowing the thoughts to just flow in any direction they wish to go. It works out really well this way.

Always Believe in the Supernatural and Spiritual realm. And don’t feel worried about losing this game because there is nothing to lose. If your and your subject’s mental energies intersect, then you can sketch more than what you have ever imagined. But, if the mental energies get blocked through someone else’s energy or any other Supernatural or Spiritual factor, then you will catch less.

Enjoy yourself by using the Conglomeration!

Copyright © 2010 by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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