Why We Connect With Other Races?

Note: This is one of my personal experiences. None of this is fabricated.

I have never really looked at articles—here’s one—to figure this out simply because I connected with a Chinese girl when I was younger. Her respectable name was L.C. I was a bit younger than her so she mothered me despite being so young and vulnerable. She taught me how to shop in a new country; how to be aware while driving; how to drink Chinese tea; how to take care of siblings and parents; how to be physically active; how to do Mathematics; how to do psychic readings; and, how to fall in love with something you don’t know anything about—she was my Fairy Godmother.

I was a Pakistani Muslim and she was a Chinese Buddhist. Differences in our culture and religion never stood in our way simply because we fell in love instantly. We were best friends for many years until one day she just left for some unknown reason—she told me that she was handling someone abusive. She was like a really young and fresh child who was so pretty that you have no idea whatsoever. When I would sit next to her, I could see and hear the rhythm of her struggles and spirit. Verily, her soul could see through mine as if twins were staring at each other. I can’t believe I have lost one of my mothers to this world. Every year, my heart becomes heavy as I try to think about her—its been around 8 years like this.

As usual, at the end of this year, I fell on my bed and cried after folding myself like an infant and struggling with my blankets. As usual, it hurted more strongly than whatever kind of pain I have ever endured.

So that’s why we connect with other races. Its to experience what our minds have told us that we cannot learn or experience simply because those experiences don’t exist in our religion or culture.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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