Ottawa is Haunted!

Note: None of this is fabricated. This actually happened to me. 

I know by now that Ottawa is a haunted city. My first encounter with an entity (Jinn) occurred when I visited the Ruth E. Dickinson library. I was seated in my vehicle when I felt forced to turn around and observe the vehicle that was parked next to mine. A well-built man had opened the door to his car and he was just about to step out. All of a sudden, a black shadow detached itself from his car’s door and rushed towards me. It felt threatening and vicious. And, I had a strong feeling that it didn’t like me. This happened within a second so I just prayed quickly and turned around to make eye contact with this entity (jinn). It vanished before it reached my car’s door. The man drove away as I sat there wondering if I was okay.

I did some research online again today and found out some more data about Haunted Ottawa. Check out Cold Spot Paranormal Research’s webpage. Their Facebook page also provides more information on hauntings.


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