I Failed; Thus, I Won

How I wrote my first book?

  1. I had a car accident. I dodged my “death” by 2 seconds or so. My high levels of Stereodepth Vision lets me drive perfectly—check out how Jolie brakes in the movie “Wanted” to prevent a catastrophic accident; I do the same and my book will show you exactly that. I think if I were trained properly, I will become a daredevil driver or the best pilot in the world.
  2. I had a chronic infection. I am managing this with the help of some experts.
  3. I couldn’t get a job due to discrimination. I was given too many excuses until my mind kind of collapsed.
  4. I was being constantly emotionally blackmailed not to write and publish.

I started using Lucid Dreaming to heal and ended up writing my first book and creating my blog and Twitter account. This is how I learned that all your rejections, failures, and challenges actually design all your wins.

This “fail followed by win” is actually a design that shows in certain people simply because nature is designing it. One of them is Jack Ma, the Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group. Did you know that when Jack Ma applied to 30 jobs, he never got hired. This reminds me of myself.  Of course! I was hired before; but, then the Time Clock stopped on purpose and I never got hired. I used that time to create my first book, which is going to change how people think, behave, react, absorb, and integrate information. It is designed for the average joes and it plays very well for geniuses. Eureka!

Learn about Jack Ma in detail. Studying successful people like him really helps because they offer us a more realistic version of this world and not the usual Hollywood style macho version.

Here are some helpful videos:

Jack Ma: Success Can Come at Any Age (Jack Ma 2017)
Jack Ma on Rejection and Failure
How I became a Billionaire by getting rejected | Jack Ma
Jack Ma: Attitude is Everything (Best Motivational Speech)


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