Reading into Layered Personalities

Some personalities are very layered and its very hard to read into them. For instance, people whose faces seem different from different angles, sometimes soft and sometimes firm, usually have layered personalities. That means they are both hard and soft in nature, which is how psychics can get sometimes confused.

To understand their psychic readings, learn how to use multiple pictures and view the faces and environment from different angles. I learn from my example because there are certain things I do differently than the rest of the humans due to my high levels of stereodepth vision. For instance, I can easily read how the back of the head or neck is shaped differently for each person even if these appear very similar. Once, I recognized one of my cousins while he was walking in a crowd by looking at his neck only. Maybe, eye exercises will help you improve your stereodepth vision as well as your Horus.

Reading faces from different angles is important because there is more depth and intensity to various aspects of their personalities. The best way that I have found about reading such subjects is to ignore the person and read the vibe that becomes apparent around them. These lovely humans have a stronger envelope of energy around them. Focus your Horus (inner eye) on the surrounding energy and read without feeling restraint. Remember that this category of humans can very easily read into the best psychics. They can do this by reviewing only a couple of your writings or a bit of your personality. In essence, you are reading into your real competition if you are reading into this kind of individuals. Lastly, their strong vibes actually allow the psychics to open them during lucid dreams.

You will find the answer easily this way. Remember that layered personalities can be reviewed with the help of the one who is blind to their presence. I know all this because I have only two people like this: one of them is a well-known American professor who is still alive and well and the second is Sun Lutang.

All this is easy if you want to! I can do this because one of my code name is Fractal. Learn what you are and you will bend the universe your way given that you cannot bend it my way. As you proceed with your personal quest, remember to improve your multiple senses.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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