Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions

I have often felt that something else has been watching over me. How the spirits of humans and animals that I have always wanted to be with get attached to me somehow is just one example of this. For instance, I once saw my friend’s cat 2 or 3 days before she actually visited me. But, prayers are beyond human gut feelings. My prayers are something else because sooner or later they grant me real results.

I think of prayer as a totem because it works like that although it isn’t a physical object and thus doesn’t fit the definition of a totem─but, then again our definitions of physical and mental spaces are very narrow because these are designed by analyzing only some available parameters. Prayers open the other dimensions like the spirit world and dreams. The things that I have achieved through prayers are very difficult to understand.

I am going to show you only five of my prayers:

  1. I once wanted to add more books to my library. So I prayed for them and then one day I took a walk in my neighborhood. I daydreamed a bit while reaching a specific area and then decided to walk in a particular direction. Pretty soon, I came across a woman who was throwing away lots of great books simply because her daughter had received admission to a Medical university. These books were now worth absolutely nothing to her so she gladly gave them all to me instead of throwing them away.
  2. I was praying hard to be with a relative of mine who was here from overseas. That month, my college postponed its opening date. This is how I ended up meeting him.
  3. I prayed for a Prisoner of War (POW), Omar Khadr, because he was just a child who just happened to be in the wrong place. He was released later by the same authorities that brought him to trial. I prayed for him a lot because when I saw this kid’s picture, I somehow went inside the picture; and, I saw him sobbing about something. Really, he seemed like a creative and gifted person to me.
  4. While I was learning how to drive, I used to pray a lot. I made all sorts of mistakes until I found an instructor who showed me how to drive on narrow, large, and twisted streets. He was exceptional because he wouldn’t make me stick around inside one city of the Greater Toronto Area. Several years later, we ended up in Ottawa where the roads are designed just like the ones my last instructor had showed me. Every time I drive around in Ottawa, I think about him─I had some bad driving instructors and only one of them was smart enough to help me pass. Whether we believe it or not, prayers have a very strong effect on this world including the dreamscape. One prayer that opens you up to your hidden self as well as the cosmos is “Rabbai Zidni Ilmin“, which means “God! Grant me more insight”. You should say this prayer a couple of times while praying or while lying down and activating your alpha state.
  5. I once had a fiancé─ we met in person only once and all the other meetings were completely onlinewho was a convert to Islam. I liked him because he loved learning and because he was trying to learn tough subjects like Time Travel and Physics on his own despite being Dyslexic. He was also learning Chess although he used to beat me in this game within seconds; his slightly different brain neurons let him do this. I was very much in love with him; but, I could not marry him because both of us were not fully satisfied with each other. Thus, I prayed for his safety rather desperately after we realized that we were not going to be married. He actually got married later and he also had a kid. Cool!

Saying all this, I know that not all my prayers yield results in this dimension but then again there are other dimensions where they work better.

I am code name Fractal. Play me back properly and the rest is yours.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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