Detecting Sexual Abuse

Do you know that you can detect the things that are going on in your friends’ bed or in you life through lucid dreaming? Once, I imagined being with my friend’s husband and I slept on this thought in purpose. I had a bad dream that day where I felt him as a forceful man. I chose to disclose this disturbing information to my friend. She confirmed that he is abusive. In another case, I saw a colleague’s husband next to my bed. I got worried so I woke up. Later, my colleague confirmed that he just sleeps around with other women. I have only met these men briefly and I am not close to either of them. Even then, it is possible to run the dreams this way to find out what exactly is going on. I feel that if you are a women then you need to learn this trick.

I learned this skill only recently. I didn’t knew how to use this creative problem solving ability before. It’s way different than just running romance stories inside my mind. My lucid dreams have taught me that if you are dating someone or if you have found a male hero/role model, then dream of sleeping with them. If they are clean or not, it will show. Run a couple of dreams like this and you will know the real story. And if you can’t see the answer, then get distracted by something else because some energy is blocking the reality for a strong reason.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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