Lucid Dreams Confirm that Life is an Illusion

I read in the Quran that life is an Illusion (see Malik’s or Pickthall’s versions). When I cracked some of the code of lucid dreams, I realized that my entire life has just been an illusion. For example, I can have sex with as many partners as I need to or I can have smart conversations with as many dream characters as I would want to. My Dark Shadow figures easily merge into the most attractive or smartest men or women; thus, I can live some portion of my time with them. I learned this mighty lesson after having several lucid dreams until I started feeling convinced that illusions of this life exist in a different dimension which is why they seem more permanent. Come to think about it, even Stephen King kind of tells you this if you listen carefully to him here.

Everyone strives to have fun and family. But there could be many factors, such as prayers or circumstances, in play when someone cannot be married or move forward like the rest. If getting these things is so difficult, then why is it so easy to have them during sleep? Check out some of my lucid dreams below:

Study: I can have sex and I can flirt with men or shadow figures who interest me; but, I am not married yet.
Dancing Children: I can play games with children although I don’t have any kids.
Meeting Your Heroes: I can meet my heroes although I am super busy with my studies and career or I exist in a dimension that’s not theirs.

So its easy to see that the world we experience and cherish while we are awake is just an illusion. We are in love with an illusion! LOL!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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