Expecatation Gap in Canada’s Workplace and Academic Institutes

I am an ENFP, which makes me a revolutionary and independent team worker who can become an “Idea Bomb” when trained properly. I am releasing the following statements after carefully analyzing Canada’s workplaces and academic institutes.

Canada has a very deep and ancient Expectation Gap. I think that in most universities and in some colleges, information is not taught in a way that can lead to stable employment. I have always wondered why some Canadian Academic Institutes took so much money from me and I was still unable to secure my future properly and in a timely manner. I landed a “real” job around one years after graduating from University of Toronto’s Honours Biological Sciences program (Major: Biological Sciences; Minors: Philosophy and Mathematics) in 2005. This “real” job was not in any of the areas I had studied simply because what I had been studying was irrelevant. I sent out so many well-tailored resumes including resumes through PetriDish and Career Edge, but I never got a reply back to most of them. My marks were great and I also had two or more awards so this failure has nothing to do with my potential; my “first set of real supervisors” were very satisfied with my work and communication skills so this has nothing to do with my personality or character traits; and, I did land a job at the end so this failure has nothing to do with how I wrote my resumes and cover letters.

Unfortunately, my story does not end here. In 2011, I enrolled for Technical Communication at Seneca College. I completed two volunteer placements—most of the students completed only one placement—and landed two awards. Furthermore, I was commended by my class and teachers for conflict resolution and leadership; but, I could only land another insignificant volunteer opportunity in around 1 year and my first “real” job was in around 2 years after graduation. This was not because I didn’t apply to enough jobs but because most jobs were demanding lots of other concepts and software that were never covered in the college. It’s like this: Textbook states that we need to learn about like 100 concepts including “documents needed to solicit pricing proposals” but there are really less sample documents to review; the program’s actual length is 2 year but it should be 3.5 years; and students are required to produce 2-page documents that are actually supposed to be 30 page long.

Again, my story doesn’t end here at all. After thorough research, I found the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, which offers only $10,000 to each applicant. I believe this is too less because one needs around $2000 to live like a real person; i.e., pay for rent, gas, medicine, training, and clothes. So, if you do the maths right, you should be able to drain all the funds in 5 months given that large or medium-sized companies aren’t entertaining you. And, how are you going to overcome an Expectation Gap that is created over 4 years or more in 5 months? Furthermore, large companies can offer you great jobs but they are also not in need of grant money because they have too much money to begin with. Do you know that once an employer from a great company mocked me by saying, “Why do I need a grant if I need to hire you?”  He sounded like he was just having fun and not a strong conversation. I could tell that he said this only to me because I am Brown and he doesn’t care about my qualifications, awards, or references. That’s how they are abusing me as well as several other individuals; they know how to do this because they select their victims in a very creative manner, which is how everyone else who isn’t being abused ends up believing that the “victim is the bully” or “the victim deserves it”. This is an example of narcissism that exists in Canada’s workplace, which is how Workplace Rights or Human Rights don’t work so well in Canada.

As a result of all of this, I came across some employers who ended up sharing their personal concerns about how academic institutions are mistreating and exploiting international (those who don’t know about how everything works) and domestic (those who know less about how everything works) students. Furthermore, I strongly believe that Canada’s discriminatory and misogynist attitude complicated my situation. There is this strong sense of hyper-responsibility that women will make it on their own even if they don’t have the right set of resources, education, information, or network simply because they are smart. I feel that this is because Canada’s legal system expects hyper-responsibility from the women and people are just reflecting back exactly that attitude through relationships of any sort. But the reality is that success in the workplace or academic setting requires emotional support and it has less to do with intelligence.

I decided to speak out about all of this because I came across an article titled “The expectation gap: Students’ and universities’ roles in preparing for life after grad” and because several other reputable individuals narrated similar stories to me. I had kept notes about this mistreatment and neglect for years; and, after reading this article a couple of times, I realized that the rest of the students were also forced through this extremely abusive system and I was not the only “warrior” or “survivor” here. Lastly, I believe that there isn’t sufficient coverage about this issue and there is lots of cover up. For example, if you google “Canada expectation gap”, then only one relevant article actually shows in the search results. Here are some snapshots of the Google results going from page 1 to page 3. Like I said, LOL! Only the second article is relevant to my inquiry and I can tell that it is handling a “hushed” issue because it was published in 2014 and I started observing all of this in 2005. Like I said, OMG! The fact that Google is playing it very silent on this only shows that not many individuals including the government officials are focused on this issue or willing to share money to resolve it. And, I know that this post is telling the truth because I have already spoken to some young graduate women, including White women, who have complained to me about being neglected by the employees.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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