I am very used to hearing nice comments like “Everyone loves you more than the rest and I don’t know how she does this”; “you deserve better than this”; “you are so pretty and nice and everyone loves you”; “even if you are the worst person in this world, even then you would be the best and nicest;”; “your religion and culture isn’t making you nice because it is natural of you to be nice and loving”; “we need to hide her from the rest of the world because she feels too much”; and, “I feel alive when I speak to you because you can make my mind move somehow”.

Thanks everyone for protecting me with your loving words! All of you are a boon to me. I see and feel what those around me see and feel. I am a bit blind like this; but, it’s like living in heaven. Imagine only those parts of your brain dancing where your friends are feeling more!

As you can see, some of these comments are kind of scary for me to hear because they are very deep and are issued after examining me thoroughly. I used to get very confused about why almost everyone says this kind of sweet stuff to me. So I investigated my personality slowly and found out that ENFPs have overreactive mirror neurons and empathy. See post 7 (written on Nov 30, 2012) on this blog by shedreamt; or you can search “mirror neurons” on this webpage.

Thus I see why ENFPs can make almost anyone laugh or cry. They are really that powerful no matter which walk of life they belong to. I wonder how it would feel hanging out with an ENFP male. I know they are very rare!

The above comments are the reason why I have been slowly studying different personality styles and finding out details about personalities of whoever wishes to share them with me.

ENFPs are there to stay…12 years and counting!


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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