My Lineage: I am Rajput

I have heard stories of my ancestors who were called “The Rajputs”. I needed to go through a voyage of self-discovery, which I felt would somehow help me figure out my lineage. The only thing I know about my background is that some of my ancestors fled from India when Indo-Pak subcontinent was being divided into India and Pakistan. The Rajputs are the Royal Warrior (Military) clan of Indo-Pak subcontinent. This race fought many nations; Rajputs won some wars and other endeavors owing to the fact that some Rajputs were geniuses; and, thus their history and historical remixes or origins are very cluttered. What is that additional whirl I feel whenever I meet a British, Belgian, or Chinese? Are these reactions generated towards those who are somehow historically related to me or are these due to my overactive mirror neurons? I know less about the Rajputs because I am Canadian and I have discovered myself in Canada. But when I look at the Rajput lineage, I feel there is a strong connection there due to common bloodline. These people are very courageous, which is how my courage is also defined. Here are some similarities between me and the Rajputs:

  1. Honorable Rajputs protect their women no matter what. I am a buddy from the Buddy system, which is discussed in Facebook group “Forgotten Femmes”.
  2. Rajputs love self defense. I have some training in Martial Arts; and, I am willing to learn further. I have found that wearing the Gi somehow empowers my mind and puts it at ease. Also, I have been noticing the similarities between the Rajputian Khanda and the Sumarai Sword. Both of these swords have similar designs because of matching origins. Furthermore, destiny has played a vital role; and, that is why I received some of the training that was provided to Army cadets through my Pakistani college. There was always a chance that I will register in a different school; but, I did not do so, which is why I ended up receiving some exciting training.
  3. Some Rajputs are Lucid Dreamers and Artists. This is part of history! You can easily find out about this. I am related to several artists. One of the top Bollywood Director, Musician, and Singer is a distant relative of mine. It all makes sense inside my head. This is why I am a Lucid Dreamer and an Artist.
  4. Rajputs enjoy dancing. Just like me, most of my family members dance a lot. I used to dance at every wedding; sometimes, I used to have the entire stage to myself. Of course! I stopped dancing in public when I got older. I still dance at home because it is a fun exercise.
  5. Royal Rajputs love catching crime and then eliminating it slowly and cautiously. Is that why once I became a Knight in my sleep and then I ended up solving a real crime? This means that I have the blood of real Knights. I have heard from my parents that one of my ancestors fought against the Nazis in World War II and that he was captured and left alive in the jail simply because he was a Medical Doctor. He was awarded Sword of Honour by his country (Pakistan) for his efforts. The sword’s hilt was covered with valuable stones and gems. Saying this, I know that many Rajputs like my parents never belonged to the military and chose other protective careers like Medicine.
  6. Royal Rajputs are very romantic creatures; for example, Rajput King Prithviraj Chauhan kidnapped and eloped with Princess Sanyogita by raiding her palace during her wedding. There are some real romantic stories in my close and distant family. I have seen some real love marriages in my family. I can clearly see why I need to think about lots of romantic stuff before I fall asleep.

It has been a voyage. I recommend that you learn about the Rajputs slowly because they are a very large and ancient clanI really love the fact that the Rajputian women used to participate in warfare and weren’t just sitting around.

The Rajput Warriors – Son of A King – History of India | Educational Videos by Mocomi Kids
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Jhansi Ki Rani Is A Rajput Just Like Me
Famous Pakistani Rajputs
Famous Indian Rajputs
Chinese Rajputs (formed through extension of rule)
Rajputs who fought the Mongol Army (army 1, army 2). Read “Mongol invasions of India

Rajputian blood is Rajputian. It knows no bounds. I clearly see why some folks call me “Chivalrous”. Its in my blood!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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