Energy Sensing Abilities of ENFPs

I think that a lot of ENFPs are great Empaths because team work requires sensing energies and vibes of team fellows. My personal experiences have shown me that my energy sensing is at a different level altogether and I feel that it’s a excellent example of “trusting one’s gut feelings and ignoring the rest of the bullshit”.

For instance, I said NO to my Belgian Fiancé after giving a fair chance of getting to know each other simply because my energy levels used to get very upset around him for some reason. One night, I couldn’t even sleep well while thinking about him. He was a real man so he gave me plenty of space so that I could figure things out. It’s easier for ENFPs to work around caring and functional people because those kind of individuals don’t collapse their team work.

Another critical example of Energy Sensing that nobody really notices is when ENFPs start feeling down. Others can easily misconstrue this as “something is wrong with him/her”. There is nothing wrong with him/her because he/she is sucking the negative energies of those around him/her and its making him/her feel “out”. That’s why ENFPs easily learn whom to avoid and whom to connect with. I seriously cannot even study or think well when I am around a negative energy source. People can misuse this ability in various ways; e.g., it’s very easy to say and gain respect for pointing out, “This ENFP needs counseling” instead of “his/her entire team needs counseling because they are feeding him/her something and it’s not really him/her”.

In some intense cases, ENFPs can attract spirits to themselves. I have done this several times in the past without any real training about energy sensing. Also, I can use most of the attracted spirits during sleep as well—the case of women abuse that I caught during sleep is an example of messages from the spirit of a real human. Lastly, my pillow and blankets start smelling and feeling different as I fall asleep and the spirit of the human I have attracted to myself start appearing.

In conclusion, I said “Energy Sensing Abilities” and not “Energy Sensing Ability” because of various ways this ability keeps appearing on its own.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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