How Legendary Chronicles Are Created

I am a descendant of the Rajputs, the Royal Warrior Clan of Indo-Pak. Some of their men and women are legendary writers and artists, which is why I am tuned into Lucid Dreaming.

Check out movie, Arjun the Warrior Prince. From 1:07:46 to 1:12:02, Prince Arjun fights an entity and then fights more and more creatures. This is how Lucid Dreams look. What I find ironic about all this is that Prince Arjun kept his pact with the woman he was trying to save; and, I am writing my first book for the Women and Men of this world despite all the challenges I have been put through. Historical!

Also notice that Hindu Philosophy is filled with Lucid Dream encounters simply because some of the Rajputs were Lucid dreamers—I know this is a fact because I am their progeny. This is how it was easy to combine elements of Hindu Philosophy and Fantasy into English literature; e.g., Chronicles of Narnia.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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