How Legendary Chronicles Are Created

I am a descendant of the Rajputs, the Royal Warrior Clan of Indo-Pak. Some of their men and women are legendary writers and artists, which is why I am tuned into Lucid Dreaming.

Check out movie, Arjun the Warrior Prince. Prince Arjun worships so that he may become able to fight some invaders. He falls asleep and then fights one entity—I couldn’t find a clip that shows this entity but it looks like “Bagrabilla”, the creature that visits my dreams. After fighting his dream entity, he fights more and more weird creatures. This is how some Lucid Dreams look. What I find ironic about all this is that Prince Arjun kept his pact with the woman he was trying to save; and, I am writing my first book for the Women and Men of this world despite all the challenges I have been put through. Epic!

Also notice that Hindu Philosophy is filled with Lucid Dream encounters simply because some of the Rajputs were Lucid dreamers—I know this is a fact because I am their progeny. This is how it was easy to combine elements of Hindu Philosophy and Fantasy into English literature; e.g., Chronicles of Narnia.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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