Lucid Bot Version

I had a clear De Ja Vu while talking to a close friend of mine today. Somewhere in my mind, we already had this talk while being seated in the same area of this shop.

I went asleep feeling giddy in my lighter mood. I woke up to get to the washroom and accidentally rubbed under my breasts while exhaling. Then I fell asleep.

Dream Activation: Thoughts of Pakistani Friend Bot Eve 2, Sibling Bot Same 2, and American Professor Bot Adam 1

First couple of moments, less happened. I was in a vehicle and it was jam packed with people. There was this really young lady there too. She was wearing dark colored pants that seemed too tight on her and her red shirt didn’t fully hid her breasts. She looked like a hooker although she wasn’t. I looked at her and then looked away. There were lots of people to observe but I kind of zoned out. The vehicle stopped and I got into the Downtown area. It felt like a place from China because all the shops were really very close to each other, almost like they were woven together. I looked down and the street’s concrete slabs and the divides between them became obvious. I looked up and saw all the signs for most of the shops—it felt like walking inside a picture book. Sibling Bot Same 1 became more apparent and his voice whispered, “If one has enough money, then one can settle in this place easily”.

I kept walking and now I was feeling tired. I needed sex so I imagined that I can get it if I found an interesting male dream character. Thus, I taught my awake self to do a complete scan next. First, I walked up the stairs but the door was locked. I imagined playing a video game and opening the door. A bluish-white spirit came and opened the door. I walked through. I allowed myself to have that second thought, “What if the guy I meet here is just a rapist?” Next, the American Professor Bot Adam 2 went on inside my mind and said, “Keep away and be careful!” I started scanning the lower floor and didn’t feel intrigued by the men. Then I went upstairs and scanned again. I didn’t like anyone there except for one guy. I went close to him but the Professor Bot went on again. I could sense American Professor Bot Adam 2 but I knew that he wasn’t going to comment because I liked the guy. But, I decided to ignore that beauty as well and walked away. Then, I sat next to some people and they all started talking about a different kind of visa called “Visa 2” that grants more access to a new region of this world. I felt excited about finding “Visa 2” but I somehow felt that it will just be granted somehow.

This dream taught me how to use behaviour and thoughts that are generated by someone else as well as myself to function well inside the “lucid video-game like dreamworld” or the “more permanently awake dimension”.

My Next Bot Mode: Survival Bot

Signed: Dream Activator Bot Eve 1 a.k.a. Arzoo

Dream Actualization Documented in April 2018

I was sitting with some International students at one of the lounges of Algonquin College. I had suddenly decided to work on an assignment with them and I was slowly learning about them. After working on the assignment, we got a bit distracted and started discussing other stuff. I was surprised when a female student suddenly talking about her Work Visa. My head clicked and I was back inside my dream that took place in February 2018. I frankly told her about my dream and shared my blog with her.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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