Dealing with Nightmares

There have been times when reading the Quran or stories of Islam, especially stories about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), have relieved my mental or physical pain. This phenomenon has been reported by some of my close friends as well. When reading about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), I clearly see some sort of light that’s relaxing in nature; the feeling of being drenched in light is purely mental in nature.

Do you know that once certain individuals tried harming me; but they ended up going almost crazy with pain of some sort and most of them ended up respecting or loving me instead? I don’t know what’s going on but I pray a lot for my safety. This is why I think that Islam is a phenomenon and Allah (one God) actually exists.

Listen to this German brother who reported that his nightmares disappeared after he started reading the Quran. I am finding it very funny that he said he used to receive dreams of dark creatures and then he used to pray; and, then they would go away somehow.  I also used to get dreams of dark creatures and I have always been able to use prayers to control them or work with them.

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