My Creative Strain

Creativity is something messy and critical to my existence as an ENFP. The way it works with real Champions of Mental Spins (Imagination) is that they do not require training in every career/profession. Most of them are self-learned. Do you know that I can direct my Family Doctor with ease and comfort when it came to diagnosing any issues that I am having? Here are some careers that I easily relate to not because I am trained in all of them but because I have lots of training material and some expertise on these subjects besides a clever vision:

I do all these things without much training because I am naturally gifted; and my Rajput Bloodline works perfectly for these demanding tasks. That’s how I wrote my first book as well—it will be published in around a year. Laugh out Loud! If you meet me ever in real life, you will see that I do all of these things single-handedly.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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