Word of Caution to Protectors of Islam and Muslims

Before you read this know the following: I am an ENFP, which makes me a champion in team play. That’s how I am not lying about anything here no matter how horrific it seems.

Please be careful of whom you trust. I am a Muslim woman; and, I have really rough and frightening experiences with some Muslims. A lot of Muslims aren’t what you think they are. They are two-faced monsters who confuse women and then get away with it. They add to any confusion or difficult circumstances that are created by someone else instead of resolving the issues at hand like responsible citizens. My personal experiences have shown me that some or perhaps many Muslims are busy breaking their written or verbal agreements that they have made with women who are in need of assistance like monetary aid, shelter, or employment. Another set of experiences have taught me that some or perhaps many Muslims go to prayers and pray for the well-being of everyone who is protecting the Muslims simply because everyone else is praying that way; then, they come back home and if by chance alone they find one of the protectors of Islam or Muslims and don’t know who they are dealing with, then they emotionally, physically, or economically abuse them. Furthermore, some Muslims I have been watching are very evil: they hurt their daughters and sisters and then they play it pretty well with their neighbors and friends so nobody ever figures out what exactly is going wrong. Lastly, some North American (Canadian and American) speakers who are propagating Islam—those belonging to faiths other than Islam as well—are abusing women whenever they can. They are doing this by deserting them; not opening other doors for the women; not listening to their needs while complaining about their lack of time; or simply mistreating them when no one is watching. I have seen or experienced all this about some Muslims and speakers up close. I know that this abuse is very common in Canada because Canada is a very racist country; this fact is creating anger and confusion, which is why the abusers are hurting the vulnerable like the women.

So if you are out there trying to watch out for Muslims, then please play it very carefully. And, don’t get too close to some of the Muslims because you may not always know who you are dealing with. Read my blog post, Regeneration, so that you may be able to identify abnormal behaviour like fake friendship and narcissism.

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This is why the Buddy System has become a mandatory requirement for survival among the Muslim women. Abuse by friends, family members, and even colleagues is just one reason why more and more Muslim women are unavailable to help out the general population. Their abuse is making them too busy with dealing with their own affairs and they can’t spend too much time handling affairs/concepts that they have been trained to manage.

Saying all this, I am still going to stay Muslim. You know what I mean! Islam doesn’t need protection at all because it explains things on its own and paves its own path. Its the current Muslims who are erring; so if they are suffering one way or another, then that’s punishment from God. I have even met a sweet Atheist who clearly stated that there is a strong difference between “real Muslims” and most of the current Muslims. The issues of these abusers aren’t on me and I don’t practise my religion for the sake of people. I guess that’s why I am going to stay Muslim.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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