Scanner Spirits

Some spirits are like scanners. For example, some ENFPs are energy sponges and that makes them great scanners by default. I am an ENFP and there are times when I meet Dark Spirits (by Dark I mean its not evil but just mysterious and Dark Black) during sleep that scan me or the area while I am in m lucid state. One such Dark Spirit arrived near my window while I was fast asleep. It had some sort of devise in its hand and it entered some information about me. It was a male spirit and it said that it liked the way I laughed as well as my spirit. I think I smiled during sleep that day and ended up absorbing positive energy from some source. I feel these dream interactions are keeping me younger and happier. I am reaching my 40s so these dreams matter more to me now. Looking back at life, I feel that the spirits from dreams show you a side of your personality and can be used to improve existing strengths. So if you are good at Advocacy and you meet a spirit that behaves like an Advocate, then in real life start applying the teachings of this spirit.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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