Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses

Canada has lots of undiscovered geniuses who aren’t participating on purpose because they feel that they are being abused. I will share one of my personal stories here. I have an Honours Bachelors of Sciences in Biological Sciences from University of Toronto. I chose to finish Double Minors in Philosophy and Mathematical Sciences because I found Biological Sciences to be too restrictive for my mind. I failed to pursue higher education in my favourite subject, Biological Sciences, because one of the female Research Scientists commented that she was having difficulty getting the money she needed for her projects. Scientific Research has always been very easy for me. It didn’t take me more than around a month, maybe less than that, (excluding commute time and time to study for other courses)  to draft my entire Research Thesis; and, I didn’t choose an easy one to investigate. I chose to conduct research on Drosophila Melanogaster (fruit fly) and attempted to introduce a new segment in the fly’s body. This was tough because the body of the fly develops through a sequence of complicated biological processes that require only certain genes to be expressed in a specific sequence and quantity. On my first try, I nailed the genes and genetic markers that were needed to introduce the mutation, which will eventually play a very significant role in creating that additional body segment. Other scientists had issues creating this mutation because the flies usually end up dying due to a mutation that is needed to create the final version of the fly. But, I managed to keep them alive despite that particular mutation; and, I also got the alive flies checked by my professor. She felt puzzled about how I nailed the answers so quickI am still very thankful to her for her kind guidance and patience. I didn’t manage to complete this experiment because of a fly contamination that somehow took place in the lab. Fly contamination is common and it takes practice to learn how to stop them before they occur.



Now I must comment that despite all this intellect and motivation, I had to resign from my jobs a couple of times to stay safe. Does that make any sense?

Furthermore, here is another interesting discovery. My ancestors are from India and I am a genius of some sort due to my lucid dreaming abilities—I clearly see how I saved one of my siblings from being kidnapped when I was just a teenager. I read AlJazeera’s article “India’s Child Geniuses” and found out that are many more geniuses who are currently being neglected in India—I don’t believe in the scales offered to assess the genius IQ because I feel there are many more ways of finding out that someone is a genius. Don’t you feel dumbfounded now!

In addition, I must comment that I have heard how some geniuses are crazy people. But, I feel that I am being mislead on purpose. Geniuses aren’t crazy people especially not the geniuses who pray, which is because Islamic prayers are used to manage mental health issues. That’s why I always think, “Hell Yeah! This idiot is calling geniuses loonies because he/she does not know anything about how prayers work.”

Well! I don’t know how to help people who are halfhearted; but, I am sure that lucid dreaming can also cure this issue. You should enjoy the description of one of my lucid trains. I am hoping that people will start learning lucid dreaming instead of wasting their lives on porn, drugs, and alcohol. I mean if you are doing these things to feel real, then know that lucid dreams also make you feel very real. In the dream that I am narrating below, I was on a train that I have never ridden before.

Pardon my eye contact and sleepy state! I just woke up and recorded this. I did not even brush my teeth or change my clothes before recording this because I was scared that I will forget my dream quickly. Notice that sometimes my eyes move up while I talk about the train from my dream; that is because the train was way above the ground. But if I didn’t recorded all of this right away, evidence of my ability would have gone missing because my ability to recall dreams fades away pretty soon! 🙂

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