I once had an uncle who was a Medical genius but I lost him due to his life’s struggles and bad health—I still remember crying like a little broken-minded baby. I loved him a lot and I was always sitting in his arms or on his side and cleaning and massaging his scalp and feet. May God Bless His Soul! I still love and miss him. So whenever I attain my lucid state, I try to see him again.

I am a bit puzzled about his spirit form because I feel that he is still present around me just like the Dark Giant. Maybe, its because he was very smart and he loved me a lot. Once, uncle came in my dream and showed me a car and then he asked me to get near him so that he may show me how to clean the carmy senses are a bit broken here because sometimes I feel I saw one of my siblings and other times I think that I actually saw my uncle. In another dream, a dark animal spirit of a tiger (my favourite animal) chased me while I was sitting in a car; and then it broke down and splashed into a form that was just made out of water. Some months later, I got my G license and even got my first car. Furthermore, some of my family members slowly taught me how to clean different parts of my car.

This was several years ago. I missed my uncle’s laughter and teasing; so after he died, I called him to come see me again. He came to see me in my dreams some years ago.But, he was invisible and instead there was this odd energy source. The energy source took me a room that was filled with professionals and it walked next to me as I navigated through areas where businessmen/women were networking. I think this dream was a signal from my dead uncle to work hard and keep moving forward.

I didn’t call for him to come for some years because I needed to forget things. But just yesterday, I met him again. This time he was wearing my favourite brown jacket and he was still fat (obese) and healthy. Then, I felt something different from him—it felt like a voice and presence. I believe he suggested that a good man will soon protect me. Or did I hear things this way because uncle used to watch over me? I don’t fully know what’s going on…

Uncle used to tell me that I was so little that I could have easily hidden in his jacket’s pocket. I think I got cued at that point to stick with him for protection. I think I am just going to sit here and wait for that man to appear.



Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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