Silent Treatments

Some abusive households function in a covert manner. For example, they may choose to neglect only one person who chose to speak out. Usually, the victim is a female because they are easier to victimize due to their strong “tend and befriend” response. One way of neglecting her is to lock her in the house and do not invite her to shopping or take her out to family vacations. All this can be done under the guise of “she has to take care of the house”. These things could be done in a modern country like Canada and nobody will know about this because the victim could have become “verbally shunned” simply because she can see these negligent patterns.

This kind of thing happens to those who have been emotionally abused before; are economically less stable (like a blogger or an artist); or live in a house that’s lead by only men. You know, wherever the Abuse Cylce is somehow still intact!

If you come across such a woman/girl, please act responsibly and help her fit into this society because she might have been neglected for years and knows less about the outside world. You will notice that she won’t tell you anything about her condition while she is staying with her parents and she may not bring her parents up again once she has fled the situation.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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