I just watched the video “Bollywood’s Problem with Women” on Twitter and YouTube. I agree with this video because I am from Pakistan and I have been forced to observe a lot—these memories of a specific city of Pakistan are around 20 years old because I have not visited that country for this long. For instance, as a Pakistani teenager, I used to get stalked daily by young men and teenagers. Cruel and confusing wild gestures like winking, blowing kisses, and physical advances (sexual harassment) were normal for them. Tons of boys used to cling to the Women’s-Only high school and stare at them. Thus, all the girls used to always form large gangs and move together. So all this caused some men to become very protective towards me and the other girls who were involved in all this. Another thing that was common in Pakistan was how adults and children in some households used to watch porn together simply because it was considered a group thing—most of this was Western porn. It felt very ridiculous and confusing because we were just teenagers and growing slowly—bond formation is a big deal for teenagers so it is very easy to learn about porn while visiting a close friend. Not only we were being offered mixed messages that affection and gender interaction allow only men to tease as many women as possible but we were also being peer pressured to watch porn. By the way, I survived all this abuse because I was lucid. Even when I was not engaging in vivid lucid dreams, my body would release healing energy and I used to heal quickly. 

In contrast, Hollywood paints a different picture altogether. We have Wonder Woman who is flying in her nickers and killing as many muscled, abusive, and murderous men as possible. And, she always wins! I have no idea how she always wins but the reality is that the people who are showing you this believe in HYPER-RESPONSIBILITY. For example, Canada’s legal system is hyper-responsible; and, they expect too many things from women but they don’t give them timely and sufficient support. This is why in North America, “men walking away from women after using their assistance” has become an established trend. In addition, some Canadians crave porn. Porn and sex is a common topic of discussion in many Canadian schools, colleges, and universities. I even heard a funny comment by a White girl that her boyfriend teaches her about sex and she don’t really know what he is doing. Just a thought: that’s not how it is done through marriage that is considered an actual contract according to Islam. Rape and abuse of the female gender is a type of thing that is underreported in North America. Watch this video where a newscaster talks about how live rape that was showcased on Facebook was not reported in a timely manner—this story reminds me of how I intervened and gave some information about Anonymous Hacktivist community, tips about detecting abusive people, and PREVNet to a woman who was being cyber bullied on Facebook. To learn more about exploitation of women as it takes place in Canada, read my blog post “Canada’s Need for Porn and Sex Trafficking“.

Seriously! Hollywood and Bollywood are creating more Dysfunctional families and societies. We are being raised in an era where money and happiness are being controlled by only few individuals. Thus, these channels are the cheapest to get when one is feeling emotionally neglected but they are only adding to the existing problems. Do you know that managing stress means having sex? Do you know that porn is related to emotional trauma? I think that a lot of younger people who are doing these things have previous history of harsh abuse.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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