I am in the process of writing this fiction novel. She: The Mirror is about women abuse and how it is caused by society, peers, friends, and family. I will attempt to emphasize Abnormal Psychology, societal trends, discrimination, domestic abuse, Canada as Dystopia in the pre- and post-911 era, rape trauma, and perhaps sex trafficking. Only some of this book will be based on personal experiences; the rest is going to be fiction. I am writing this book because I really need people to see how Canadian non-White women are mistreated in Canada. Lastly, I firmly believe that this book was dictated through destiny: I am a Rajput and history shows that some of the Rajputs are designed for grand deeds; and, this is why I am the one who must write this book.

So far, I have written many pages and recorded many audios. I am going to lose myself in this book soon after my studies is over. Here is a snippet:

Protagonist: Sofia is snobby all the time. “Don’t do this. Do that. Don’t come in my room”. Her attitude implies that she wants to hang out but only if she wants to hang out. It is never about the other person who needs emotional support. Misfits! And, she talks like monkeys like last time she said, “Your butt cleavage is showing!” Right! Hang On! If its showing, then why don’t you cover it for me? You are my sister, aren’t you?  And, why do you have to complain like this in front of father? Then, she scolds me over nothing sometimes, “What are you doing? Don’t go out with this other woman. She is a grown woman but she is crazy all of a sudden”. I cannot believe that she said all this about my best friend. Has she lost her nuts?  I mean “this other girl” is the “only girl I can talk to without being neglected”. And, my sister is always saying things like “Don’t say anything to your dad. Don’t challenge him. Just sit quietly there and listen to him”. Right! the implication is that he should be able to pound me if he wants to. I think she purposedly targets the things and concepts that I somehow hold precious and without fully realizing what she is doing.

Younger brother notices everything, picks up his toy lamp and farts in it a couple of times; then, he offers it to the older sister and says, “Here sister, some ‘fruits of nature'” for you.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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