Snakes of Lucid Dreamers

What are the snake-like creatures that once visited me during one of my lucid dreams? During this enlightening dream, I transformed into a dragonness and fought alongside a male dragon in an attempt to get rid of an angry male dragon. The dragon who fought by my side won; and, then as soon as I changed into a human due to fatigue, he took me and flew out of the window. I found this dream fascinating because I learned to associate the nicer dragon to my youngest brother who often comes in my sleep; and, in one dream, we read books together.

Carl Jung also saw snakes in her dreams. Watch YouTube video “The Transforming Snake in Jung’s Red Book” to learn everything from Jungian’s perspective.

Scroll to 1:22 of video “Mystery of death of Arjun by his son in Mahabharat”and you will learn about the snake-wife of Arjun.

I know that some genies (jinns) appear like the snakes and that genies (jinns) are actually very intelligent beings who have families, religion, and free will. Because I am lucid, I can sometimes access those parts of the universe easily and perhaps I have been interacting with the jinn—I mean as an incredible, this interaction is one of my basic abilities. Of course! I have enjoyed dreams of all sorts. According to Islam, the dreams are from the self, devil, and God; and, every human gets these.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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