Mental Time Machine – Type 1

Here is a description of one of my Symbolic Precognitive dreams, which took place on May 01, 2018 and was actualized on May 04, 2018.  I have created an audio about this. There is an error in the audio. I said this dream took place on May 03, 2018; but, it actually took place on May 01, 2018. Its just that this information feels too fresh inside my mind.

Please listen to this audio till the very end. None of this is fabricated. I am discussing only one version of the Mental Time Machines I have been using to browse small segments of the universe.

Again, the two Dream signals are 1) “sandwiched people” are the ones who were leaving the office and 2) “the long end of the machine that is always morphing like a Transformer” is the Vimy Memorial Bridge.

Here is the image that I just drew today to show this dream.


The links that I am mentioning in this audio are as follows:

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Mental Time Machine – Type 1

  1. This could be a perfect inspiration for a blockbuster mystery-thriller film. I admit that I had a challenging time believing your words about figuratively predicting the future but I guess that can be somewhat possible by means of lucid dreaming. Believe me, I actually listened the audio twice because the scenario and theme were so captivating.


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