Dream Characters that Appear Suddenly to Warn

I once had a very lovely lucid dream that came true the second I woke up. I saw a young girl—perhaps it was me or perhaps it was someone who looked like me—dressed in white standing alone in a room that’s inside a construction site. Then, I saw two male dream characters anxiously staring at her through some sort of well-like opening that was part of this building. One of them looked like an American professor and poet whose works I sometimes read. This professor used a rope to climb down the building; and, he noticed me standing in front of the mirror in a puzzled manner. I did not fully turn my head; but, I somehow clearly saw him and his friends; and, they all seemed concerned about the trapped girl. Then I woke up.

I scanned my Facebook immediately because I had a feeling that my male dream character was trying to send me a signal of some sort. Soon, I found out that an acquaintance of mine was being abused on Facebook. I tried to stop this cyberbullying by telling her about several methods and resources including PrevNet and by contacting one of her friends.

I think this dream is showing you two universal phenomena. Men are protectors of women because of their stronger bodies; and, women are protectors of other women because of their ability to relate more efficiently to each other’s needs. The later phenomenon is called “Amplification”; and, female executives know how to apply this strategy pretty well to quickly influence the men.

Saying all this, it helps to know that you are reading into your own masculine energy during dreams. Perhaps during this dream, I could not read into my energy well because I was kind of frozen in front of the mirror; thus, I read the entire dream as a symbol that a male is protecting me. It is possible that my masculine energy is playing the entire game! Read OMTimes Magazine’s article “Feminine & Masculine Energy in Dreams” to see what I am trying to convey. However, since I am an Empath and a Telepath, it is also possible that I am also reading into a cue about the real professor’s behaviour.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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