Sickness of the Gifted

Note: No matter how queer this sounds, none of this is fabricated.

I was laying on my bed reading something when I started feeling severe pain in my heart and head. All of a sudden, I had trouble breathing. First, I tried to ignore this because I did not knew why I was feeling like this. I went to my laptop and tried to distract myself through writing and studying. But, the pain continued so I felt unsettled and walked towards my parents’ room. Soon my mom spoke to me and told me that dad was not feeling so well. I have felt similar types of pain when one of my uncles, one of my grandmas, and one of my aunt died due to natural causesI feel similar things when it comes to close friends. For example, In my uncle’s case, I was bathing in the washroom when I heard a really odd sound and then I felt pain of some sort. Some months after my uncle died from a stroke. He was still in Pakistan and I experienced all of this from Canada.

Today is June 03, 2018 and my dad is not so well again. He had bad health and we were helping him recover; but, its back again and I feel that I am suffering immensely as well.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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