Link Between Music of Lucid Dreams and Telepathy

I hear music that comes from human bodies. That’s why my friends describe me as “grander than others”. I know that they end up seeing their faces and minds inside my mind and this removes stress from them. During sleep, I can use the same music to activate lucid dreams although using music of person A might lead to dreams of person B. I just read about how to create music in lucid dreams; and, I realized that I can enhance my soul’s music by using lucid music.

However, I am wondering what will happen if I ended up enhancing my mind this way? I mean my current state feels like “torture” to others and myself; everyone else tells me this and I can “feel” what they mean. I am referring to torture that helps create creative content; its a bit similar to the pain musicians feel while they are creating music.

I feel that there is one strong reason why I will attempt to enhance my abilities. These abilities have allowed me to see the answer during times of desperation. For example, if I come across someone who is let’s say somewhat uneducated and somewhat down and alone, I can use his/her internal music to figure out how smart that person really is. I have done this a couple of times in the past! Furthermore, over time, I have learned that there is a way of tuning in and out; although I have been doing this naturally, learning new techniques will only further stabilize things for me.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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