I Am Like Lucy

I am a lucid dreamer. Here is what makes me similar to Lucy.

  1. I can ride the Black Wind
  2. My skin glow in the night for some reason
  3. I turn dark in the night sometimes, which means that Dark Giant arrives in its bigger form
  4. I can get snippets of the universe only if I open myself to a given concept
  5. I can heal myself to some extent (post 1, post 2); and, I am amazing at finding the help that I need if I fail at healing myself.
  6. I travel through time.

Here are two thing that Lucy cannot do.

  1. I react very strongly to weather changes and I can predict them during my sleep
  2. I get dreams that later come true
  3. Some of my prayers get accepted. This includes some very difficult prayers as well.
  4. I can use dreams to transform into other animals and humans.

Now, check out Lucy and you will start thinking that she is my sister. LOL!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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