I Am Like Lucy

Here is what makes me similar to Lucy.

  1. I can ride the Black Wind
  2. My skin glow in the night for some reason
  3. I turn dark in the night sometimes, which means that Dark Giant arrives in its bigger form
  4. I can get snippets of the universe only if I open myself to a given concept
  5. I can heal myself to some extent (post 1, post 2) and I am amazing at finding the help that I need if I fail at healing myself.

Here are two thing that Lucy cannot do.

  1. I react very strongly to weather changes and I can predict them during my sleep
  2. I get dreams that later come true
  3. Some of my prayers get accepted. This includes some very difficult prayers as well.

Now, check out Lucy and you will start thinking that she is my sister. LOL!

Signed: Fractal a.k.a. Arzoo

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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