Reading Difficult Features of Body

I have high levels of Stereodepth Vision, which allow me to look at things in much detail without any effort—I am so excited that my eyes are very different. I first noticed my ability to effectively read features several years ago. I had gone outside for a task and I ended up meeting one of my cousins in the mall. Do you know how I recognized him as he walked among so many other people? I just happened to look at his neck while I was walking behind him. It took me seconds to realize that I was looking at my cousin’s neck. I was stupefied when I realized that I could read necks this way. The same happened when I saw Wesley’s Decoy sitting at his table at the end of the movie “Wanted”. I looked at the shape of his head and realized that it was different than Wesley’s because it was curved slightly different at the bottom. Do you know that police must train themselves to read features like these? They are passed through lots of manuals where they are taught how to read features so that they may easily identify almost anyone and even if that person has altered his/her looks. I think I will beat them at their game if I need to. Feeling Blessed!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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