Rajputs are like Valkyrie

After lots of self-analysis of my Rajputian lineage and some review of the Marvel characters The Valkyrie (Video, Article), I have realized that they are very similar. That’s because they will both get in the way to protect the ones they have given the pact to. Getting killed while doing something so chivalrous is of no consequence inside their minds. In the movie Thor: Ragnarock, The Valkyrie clan gets assassinated by Hela (see this clip “Thor Ragnarok”). This movie was interesting because it shows that the last Valkyrie woman (Tessa Thompson) who survived the battle with Hela comes back to protect King Thor.

Pact is a Pact! I can see why I broke teams of a really bad employer; a very cruel teacher (great liar); and, influence of five women abuse gangs—of course, every time I had a small team to help me out. I had really less training and less contacts but I made it happen. I also see now why I once dreamt of riding a winged horse. The dream indicates power and control of physical and supernatural sort. I think it also indicates my Scythian lineage. 

Now then, here is another interesting fact to digest. I am an ENFP, which gives me the label, “Catalyst” (see page 7). This is why I can create social change really easily (see “ENFP as Leaders”) by implementing ideas and properly integrating others to ensure adherence to provided concepts (see page 7).

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