Is the Arrest of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, a Political Scam?

Just today, I saw the news of arrest of Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam. Before I begin the rest of my analysis, I must comment that I am not that well-versed in Politics because I am usually busy with studies, community work, arts, and writing. However, this news sounds “really bad” to me because it indicates civil unrest. So I read a little about this and jotted down some thoughts.

  1. Nawaz Sharif has been facing abuse ever since he was elected. According to the article, “Nawaz Sharif, Maryam to be arrested: Before polls, a coup creeps up in Pakistan” by Umer Ali, Nawaz Sharif was disqualified in a shady manner after he was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  2. According to article “We Want Peace, We Are Against War, Says Nawaz Sharif, Puts The Blame On India”, he was planning to work on various democratic concepts including “Peace with India” and “Ending Poverty”.
  3. Nawaz Sharif was arrested in Pakistan on July 13 after he left his unconscious wife in London and traveled back to his people.
  4. According to article “London: Nawaz Sharif’s grandsons released after brief detention”, Nawaz Sharif’s grandsons were arrested by the British over a petty brawl and this case is still under investigation. After further research, I found out that it was Imran Khan’s men from his political party PTI who started this fight. This happened around the same time when these guys were getting arrested.

I think that the arrest of his grandsons—the younger members of Sharif’s family—by the British Police is a big clue in this game. If the British Police can keep the grandsons worried and preoccupied while the Prime Minister and his daughter are being arrested, then it would be easier to hassle the people of Pakistan and the rest of the Nawaz Sharif’s family members. Thus, I feel that I am looking at a political scam that has some international key players as well.

I am also reading Twitter. Some people feel that Nawaz Sharif deserved to be arrested; and, others feel that the media is covering too much about Mr. Sharif’s and Maryam’s arrest and ignoring the killing of 111 Pakistanis that occurred when two bombs blasted during election rallies in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces.

So right now, Pakistan is getting bombed; her political leaders are getting arrested; and, some of the leaders are using international authorities to cause further dispute among themselves. Who exactly is orchestrating all of this?

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