Awake Psychic Mind Thinks and Reacts in Small Segments

I think that the awake Psychic mind thinks and reacts in small segments. For instance, today I was at WalMart when I had a sudden urge to eat bananas—actually, I had been dieting and I decided to eat some bananas just two days ago. So I bought some more bananas from this retailer. When I got home and I was surprised to find out that we had three unexpected guests. We ended up serving the bananas along with the rest of the fruits and meal.

When I go to sleep, I can construct large and detailed objects, buildings, and entities in a matter of minutes or perhaps seconds. But, during the day I can do only some things in a very deep telepathic manner simply because the mind unconsciously filters out unnecessary things. This is why I think that the awake version of the human mind works in smaller segments.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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