Dance of Heroes

I was thinking of writing a bit of “Land of Arwah” with the help of my dream characters. I did not knew fully how to proceed so I feel asleep thinking of some of my idols. Then, the “Dance of Heroes” began; and, I became as superb as the magical Aurora Borealis. Before I begin narrating a small portion of the dream—I am saving the rest for my book, “Land of Arwah”—I must comment that my exceptional dream characters change forms based on creativity of the subjects of my thoughts. Here is my lucid dream.

I was inside a large forest whose trees felt dead, monstrous, and gigantic; and, I was speculating about proceeding with my writing about “Land of Arwah”. All of a sudden, Ahed Tamimi—the Palestinian child who was taken by the Israeli authorities and who will be released in the future—came to my side and pointed to a large withered tree. Then she said, “Go! Its time for you to go and do this”. She seemed like a free spirit who was not afraid of saying and teaching what she truly believed in. I made eye contact with her and then my spirit flew in the direction that she had pointed to. Some dream scenes passed. As I neared the tree, I looked up and saw a man flying downwards. It was no other than Professor JK Fowler, the American professor who founded Nomadic Press and who wrote my favourite article “District 6 in District 9: The Metaphoric Menagerie“. JK Fowler directed me to enter the bottom of the tree and face upwards. I did exactly that; and lo and behold, I saw such startling patterns that I can’t fully describe them. This new sky was filled with highways and streets that were populated with shops, people, and cars. Imagine seeing all this like you see things in real life except it seemed far more hypnotic!

So this is the “Dance of the Heroes”. They can dictate your lucid dream patterns because you have learned to praise their work just like you praise your deepest desires and dreams. Other heroes who have visited during my dreams are Dr. Craig Considine; Lucy Lawless; Carl Jung (I had both pleasant and scary dreams when I was thinking of him. I know that he had a rough life. He is very brilliant in dreams and fantasy though.); Che Guvra (I saw him very briefly and I have read really less about him. I got scared for some reason when I saw him in my dream; but, he seemed really alive and attractive); Shaun Randol; David Duchovny; Gillian Anderson; Angelina Jolie; Qasim Rashid, Eric Anthamatten, Ilhan Omar, Pope Francis, and, CJ Werleman. You can read some of my experiences here, “Meeting Your Heroes”.

Added Nov 2021

I have also seen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joram Van Klaveren in my lucid dreams.

Brief message to my heroes: I am a bit different (high stereodepth vision and lucid dreaming abilities); and, I am an ENFP who derives her motivation from inspiring people. This is why it is easy for me to show care and connect through my dreams.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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