How Prayers Hide Information to Proceed?

This just happened to me; and, I am slowly recovering from this mild shock because I thought I will get this done faster because I frequently visit the local Art Galleries. I am trying to finish an academic project for a course that is held at Algonquin College. I am supposed to help my group find entertainment for a fundraising event held for “Farm Radio International”, which is a non-profit program that serves the African farmers. I am not from Africa so I don’t know much about the culture and trends of this particular region. So, I spent around an hour browsing the web while praying to God that I finish this assignment in time.

First my eyes got stuck on the Firestone Collection that is displayed at the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG GAO). But, I couldn’t find the price, which I am supposed to quote for this project, for the items found in this collection. Then I browsed through some other collections offered at the OAG GAO and couldn’t find anything with prices attached to them. After some while, I visited Kijiji and found some paintings that are worth more than $1000. For some reason, I didn’t like any of these amazing paintings. The two selections were Large Fernand Labelle Oil On Canvas Painting  and Abstract Marcel Favreau Oil On Canvas Painting. I was just about to give up when I stumbled upon Artists in Canada and found a painting of “some kind of round fruits” by Virginia Dupuis (fifth painting from the left, under words “click on image for enlargement”). I didn’t understand the drawings that were presented there due to my lack of knowledge; and, thus I visited Invaluable and searched for another painting there. Again, I didn’t feel content with the search results for some reason. So I browsed back to Virginia Dupuis’s drawings. I started staring at Harvest Moon, which is a close-up of Gooseberries (green round fruits); and, I started praying for help again because I didn’t knew what I was looking at. Next, I googled the words “Gooseberries + Africa” and ended up finding from Berries of Africa website that Gooseberries are one of South Africa’s most popular berries. This painting is an exact match because “Farm Radio International” serves the African farmers.

Oh well! I just finished my assigned part of the project. How queer all this was!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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