What Kind of Guys I Attract?

Today, I completed the HowStuffWorks’ quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?”; and, the results matched the reality. I have two ex-fiancés because I like to wait before deciding. I met them one after another and there was some waiting time in between reserved for me. One of them is a wealthy Pakistani businessman; and, the second is a Dyslexic genius from Belgium who could beat people in chess in a matter of seconds or minutes (if player is too smart). My first fiancé was a great comedian; and, the second one was the life of every party. But, I couldn’t dedicate myself fully to either of the men simply because they weren’t for me although I still love them my way. I prayed for them before leaving them. It worked! They are both happily married and they also have kids.

I like my results!


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