Today, I completed the HowStuffWorks’ quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?”; and, the results matched the reality. I have two ex-fiancés because I like to wait before deciding. I met them one after another and there was some waiting time in between reserved for me. One of them belonged to a wealthy Pakistani family; and, he was pursuing his studies at the time we were engaged. The second was a Dyslexic genius from Belgium who could beat people in chess in a matter of seconds or minutes (if the second player is extremely exceptional). My first fiancé was a great comedian; and, the second one was the life of every party. But, I couldn’t dedicate myself fully to either of the men simply because they weren’t for me although I still love them my way. I prayed for them before leaving them. It worked! They are both happily married and they also have kids. Even today, I can only think of them as my friends and nothing more. Funny how that works!

I like my results for the quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?”;  the results indicated that I will easily attract “Smart Guys” simply because men look at my brain, knowledge, and personality before they think about anything else. I also took another quiz titled “What Kind of Guy Shouldn’t You Date?”; and, I was not surprised to find out that my results indicated that I should not date a man who is emotionally unavailable. How interesting that this quiz nailed what I have been observing in real life while growing up! You would think that busy guys are emotionally unavailable because they are busy, right! Well! my results mean that there are some guys who are still “all there” despite being busy. Its so fun discovering these things!

You may also take the quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?” 

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