How to Safely Conduct Telepathy During the Day?

I have used telepathy during the day occasionally to save some people. All this started when I was a child. I just happened to hear a voice minutes before I saved my sibling from being kidnapped. The second incidence, which I still recall very clearly owing to its very confusing nature, is a bit recent. I cannot provide any details of this incidence due to confidentiality issues; but, I used my telepathy vision to glance at two men who were posing as friends of a young woman. After studying the faces and vibes of both of the guys for just a little bit, I realized that they weren’t really her friends. She used a bit of my help to escape because she chose to trust me instead.

My experiences have taught me that I can read and react faster if the other person (victim) fully trusts me.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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