The Dragon Seer: Invoking the Dragon Within

I had some dreams of reptiles but the one that I found very entertaining involved three dragons. In this dream, I was in love with a young man who liked to read me his books. He was a very loving man and he loved sitting close to me. Then a large male dragon came and attempted to injure the younger man. To my surprise, the younger man changed into a gigantic dragon and engaged in a battle with his bully. I sat and stared in fear until the younger dragon got injured. I couldn’t tolerate this any further so I willed myself to transform into a dragoness. Then, I attacked the dragon who interfered with our meeting. He attacked me back; and, I fell down. But, it was already too late. The meaner dragon felt compelled to fly away.  The younger dragon was still too worried so he transformed back into his human self; picked my wounded body; and, flew out of the window. By the way, this young man looked like my younger brother who loves me a lot. I believe that this lucid dream was just showing his future behavior.

I was just reading the book “The Psychic Children. Dolphins, DNA, and the Planetary Grid” by Hugh Newman. On Page 16, the following is stated.

…I was woken up by some lizards, who reminded me to pay attention to my dreams. Source: Hugh Newman, “The Psychic Children. Dolphins, DNA, and the Planetary Grid”

I finally understood what some Reptiles of Dreamscape symbolize. This book traces the voyage of a gifted child named Orion who visits and meditates at different places. During one of her dreams, she says that the lizards tell her to pay attention to her dreams. This sounded funny to me because the Dragon who played by my side was also filled with persuasion, power, love, and anger.

I couldn’t believe the similarity between these two dreams. So I googled this concept and found this article “Seven ways your lizard brain can improve your persuasion skills” by Harvey Schachter. It specifically states that the lizard brain improves persuasion, which is what both Orion and I saw about our lizards. What exactly did we hack into?

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