Why Am I Finding It Difficult To Draw Female Faces?

I have drawn three female faces and three male faces so far. I have found out that I am finding it hard to draw female faces; but, the guys’ features are very easy for me to capture. When I was drawing female faces, I thought that my mind was being compelled to create errors. No matter how many times I erased and redrew, I still ended up making mistakes. Today, I thought about this and googled the concept “hard to draw female faces”. I found out that this is actually a phenomenon. Read “On the Difficulty of Drawing Women’s Faces” on Illustration Art. People find female faces more difficult to draw than male faces. I am glad that I can do plenty of things that fall under regular, average behaviour.

Here are the sketches of women:

Randomly Selected Beautiful Older Woman (Later, I found out that she is Mayina Khatun, a Rohinqya refugee. Edited this on my blog afterwards.)


Dame Barbara Cartland

Here are the sketches of men:

Noam Chomsky

Craig Considine

JK Fowler

This was very interesting! Right!

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