Other Superpowers that I Believe I Have

I have bought a new book titled “The Children of Now: Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Start Kids, Angels on Earth, And the Phenomenon of Transitional Children” by Meg Blackburn Losey. I want to share some abilities that I feel I have just recently discovered.

First, I must briefly discuss some of my abilities that have already been mentioned on this blog:

  1. A voice that tells me what to do when I am in danger or someone I love is in danger.
  2. Meet and talk to otherworldly creatures like angels and jinn; e.g., the Dark Giant.
  3. Receive vivid dreams
  4. Use dreams to glance into the future
  5. Remove bullies from my life through thoughts or prayers only
  6. Heal quickly
  7. Heal those around me
  8. Have difficult prayers accepted
  9. Help senior business professionals make more profound monetary decisions
  10. Catch and stop crimes through dreams
  11. Project myself forward in future.  The ability to not stay bound within the time warp is something that other gifted children have reported as well. Read Chapter 6, “Children of the Stars” of book “The Children of Now”.
  12. Know if someone close to me is going to die. I get dream signals just before someone I know or have loved dies.
  13. Use someone else’s energy to create dream
  14. Utilize dream portals
  15. Shapeshift during sleep
  16. Get attracted to ancient things like text, concepts, and pyramids
  17. Communicate with the dead
  18. Communicate with my loved ones like my friends and family members
  19. Communicate with my heroes
  20. Learn processes during my sleep
  21. Hear the music of body, soul, sleep, and guts
  22. Read pictures fast. I can only read some pictures this way.
  23. See Jinn (dark creatures from a different dimension)
  24. Attract lucid dreamers and other gifted people towards myself
  25. Attract spirits to myself and allow other intelligent humans to view those spirits
  26. Know through dreams if weather is gonna change like rain or storm
  27. A strong inner understanding of the difference between my powers (level 1) and those of a real Prophet (level 24)

Here are some abilities that are mentioned in the book “The Children of Now”, which I know that I have although I have not figured out what exactly I was looking at until I read this book:

  1. Interact with Orb people through dreams. Other gifted children have also reported this. Read Chapter 3, “Orbs are People Too”.
  2. Have some impact on equipment and machinery. This has happened a couple of times—its rare though. Other gifted children have also reported this. Read Chapter 6, “Children of the Stars”.
  3. Have an effect on time; i.e. expand or collapse time. Read Chapter 6. “The Children of Now”.

“Many of the Star Kids also have a unique effect on electronic equipment, causing it to malfunction or turn off and on randomly.” Source: Pg. 114, Chapter 6. “The Children of Now”.

“They are also able to expand and collapse time consciously—they can actually make events longer or shorter by working outside of time intentionally.” Source: Pg. 115, Chapter 6. “The Children of Now”.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved except for the quoted text.

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