Does Moon Impact Lucid Dreaming?

Let me guess the answer based on my experiences! I had some vivid dreams recently. I have been feeling romantic for a bit. I danced a lot (in my lounge) just yesterday and day before yesterday. And tonight, I felt like daydreaming.  So I checked the sky through my window. I was very surprised to see the crescent shining in the darkness. I took a picture of it. I am posting a screenshot, which shows it was taken today at 1:23 am.


I do not know the full details about what is going on; for instance, if this can be proven in test environment or was I just happen to be feeling like this for some other reason. So here are some articles on this particular topic:

Does The Moon Influence Dreams?

Seven Subtle Factors Influencing Lucid Dreams (c) 2005 Robert Waggoner

Moon Dreams: How Moon Phases Affect Your Dreaming

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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