Observing The World Through My Gifted Mind

Today I gazed peacefully at the clouds that were settling outside my place. I placed my hands on the glass window and hesitantly shifted my mind outside of my body. It’s a technique I have learned over time; but, I do not apply it often. I believe that the fact most people around me are not as gifted as I am plays a big role in creating these moments of self-doubt.

Nevertheless, I slowly willed myself to shift outside with closed eyes. Briefly, I felt something warm; and then I felt something light. I kept feeling and what was light now became lighter and lighter. That light thing that just appeared somehow tickled me as I viewed the world in this partially shunned manner. All of a sudden, I experienced something very odd. I could see myself staring back at me except that I was standing outside of the room. Did I just visualize my reflection or was it a signal of some sort? I opened my eyes, felt unsettled, amd walked away. Some minutes later, it stared to rain. I ran back to the window; and, now I knew what felt so light to me. It was the rain. Can you believe it? I saw and felt the rain pouring down just minutes before it actually it. So this is how the world feels to the blind!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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