I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully

I have met both Agent Mulder and Agent Scully during my lucid dreams. The dreams involving these two are usually weirder because they are like X-Files. But, I can never fully remember everything because the buildings I see and live in during those dreams are far too complex.

Today, I dreamt of them again. Perhaps, I was missing watching X-Files. These dreams are very thorough; and, because they have occurred many times now, I wish to start paying more attention to them. The stronger dream character in these dreams is Agent Fox Mulder. I say this although I don’t know his preferences and IQ. Here is today’s dream:

I was at a place that seemed to be somewhere near a college; and, Mulder noticed me; I think I heard his voice or saw him for a very brief period of time. There was a large street that was connecting the mall to a college and another large brown building where Agent Mulder and Agent Scully were working on X-Files. Mulder spoke to me briefly and asked me to meet him in the building in the evening. He said that I should meet him at Floor 14 of the brown building. He was hoping to connect me with Scully and then let me enjoy the X-Files. I said yes to this offer; and, then I ran back to the mall. “I have to look great for this,” I told myself as I started shopping for clothes. I finally found some clothes; and, I even bought an iron for myself. “I will have to pay someone at a ladies spa to manage me; and, then I will iron my clothes there”, I told myself. I did exactly that; and, then I dressed up. Then, I wanted to run to the X-Files set. “Floor 14 is really at the top somewhere,” I thought as I realized that it will take me too long to walk from the mall to the X-Files set. So, I willed myself to fly. I flew on top of the streets. I could see people walking below and they now appeared too small. They could not see me because I was going too fast. I descended near the large brown building and almost slipped on ice. It had started snowing and some snow had collected near the entrance of the building. People were still sitting outside on chairs and drinking some beverages. “Perhaps, there is a cafe at the entrance of this building. But, I don’t wish to be seen by people,” I told myself as I hid behind a wall. I looked up and slowly wondered if I can just fly up there. I felt intimidated; but, it was worth giving it a shot. So, I flew upwards and now I had flown too high. I had to reverse myself a little bit so that I might not hit the wall. I was now just suspended in front of a window that was at Floor 14 or Floor 15. Was that snow or was there an ice creature standing inside? I could see her silhouette covering one fourth of the window. I felt scared for some reason and lost my balance. I fell down; and, as soon as I recovered from this fall, I received a kick on the left part of my face. Just before I got hit, I clearly saw a slim foot hitting me. It reminded me of my sister’s foot. I told you that these dreams are weirder in nature!

Now here is the craziest part of this all. You must have read earlier in my blog that I receive dream signals from my family members. Well! when I woke up, I saw a cellphone message from my younger sister.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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