Spirit Guides Create Routes for You

Today, I had an interesting dream. I was in a dark room and I found a large thick book. I opened it and reviewed some pages. The book showed the journey of a young, slim, and tall man. In the pics, he was giving speeches on stage in front of many people. He seemed energetic and enthusiastic about his volunteer work. I felt that he was somehow alive and did not just exist inside pictures. I read the content. It gave me two names: “Volunteer Think” and “Volunteer Heart Think”. There was some other content but I did not fully memorize it except for some stuff like he went to a specific company to volunteer that was very thorough in helping him move in the right direction. So I googled the words “Volunteer Think” because I have never heard of this before. I found three organizations that actually have “Think” and “Volunteer” in their names, webpages, or articles. These are “Think Together –>Volunteer“, “Think Volunteer“, and “On Think Tanks; article ‘Engaging volunteer interns for think tank activities: a win-win collaboration’“. I cannot believe that an article about “Think Tank” is showing in there. I love Think Tanks

I have been thinking about how to find work overseas if I decided to move away. This dream created an answer for me. Great Lesson! I was thinking of talking to “Dark Giant” during sleep today. This is when I met this young, slim, and tall male spirit guide.

Lots of Love to my Spirit Guide!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.


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